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Wooden doors: the numerous possibilities


Front doors, which are a major feature of the façade of any home, are generally made of one of two different types of materials: wood or steel. Wooden doors offer a good number of advantages and allow recreating a style that’s either traditional or contemporary, depending on the design. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun has teamed up with Lepage Millwork, creator of handcrafted wooden doors and windows, to offer a vast selection of custom wood doors, including front doors, patio doors, balcony doors and French doors. Handcrafting enables the artisans to offer personalized products that are adapted to suit individual needs and homes.

The diversity of wooden doors


Available with or without a window, wood doors are made from solid, durable wood, such as mahogany, pine or even eucalyptus, just to name a few. In keeping with the current trend favoring oversized doors, Lepage Millwork’s lift-and-slide wooden patio doors boast plenty of style while maximizing natural light. The large panels open effortlessly, thanks to a carriage system that lifts them off the track—a major advantage since wood doors are heavier than steel doors. The doors can also be full-height and folding, offering you an unobstructed view of your back yard. Several different configurations are available, whether for a double front door, a door with a transom window or even a triple patio door. The possibilities are virtually infinite!

Porte en bois

Porte en bois

Advantages of wooden doors


When they’re properly maintained, wood doors offer incomparable style, especially in neighborhoods where most of the doors and windows are made of wood. The vintage charm of wood enables the artisans at Lepage Millwork to offer high-quality products that reflect the warmth and authenticity of yesteryear. Whether painted, stained or varnished, wood will provide solidity and durability for many years to come. When a wooden door shows signs of wear, it’s possible to preserve it even longer by sanding it and reconditioning it to look like new again.


Portes et Fenêtres Verdun, in partnership with Lepage Millwork, invites you to discover the numerous possibilities that are open to you when the time comes to purchase a new wood door. You can explore our collection online or visit our Notre-Dame-de-Grâce location to check out our products in person.