Casement, awning and Crank Window Selection

The casement window, commonly called crank window, opens on the side outward. This is the most popular model. It has the best waterproof seal since the window compress the weatherstripping when close and a multi-point locking system. On this type of window, the screen is on the inside.

The awning window also has a crank mechanism, but the hinges are installed horizontally in the upper part, thus it opens upwards, rather than sideways. This method of opening is very useful allowing natural ventilation in the house even when raining. This type of window is often suggested for the basement, in the bathroom or on top of a door as transom.

Ergonomically speaking, crank windows are recommended over the kitchen sink due to the distance between the edge of the counter and the windows.

The maximum size of a casement window panel is 36 inches by 74 inches. We must use reinforced hardware for such dimensions. For openings of larger dimensions, casement windows can be assembled to form a window that can have up to five (5) sections, or panels. It is also possible to add a fixed window above (transom).

This type of window is available in all materials used in the industry: PVC, aluminium, wood (pine and other species), hybrid. To learn more about the materials and their characteristics, see the Materials section.

With many possible tiling style, mullions and decorative crossbars available, casement windows can be designed to resemble hung sash windows.

It is possible to add "surface" crossbars, reproducing the tiling found in older wood windows to reproduce the original style. As the name suggests, the crossbars are placed over the glass, both on the inside as on the outside of the sealed unit (thermos). We can add spacers between the glass panes, aligned with the surface crossbars, to give more character to the window and enhance the realism of these aesthetic elements.

You can customize your windows by adding decorative glass, stained glass, architectural mouldings and even add matching architectural windows as transom or side panels.


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How do I prevent condensation from building up on my windows?

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What’s a hybrid window?

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During the cold season, it isn’t unusual to see condensation on windows.

Here are a few simple tricks to reduce the amount of condensation on your windows during the winter.

Air out the inside of your home every day. Open your windows or doors for 10 minutes and let the air circulate.

Use your air exchanger. An air exchanger vents stagnant air to the outside of the home. Don’t have an air exchanger? You can use a fan to circulate the air inside your home and prevent microclimates.

Leave your blinds and curtains open as much as possible. This will allow the air to circulate freely, preventing moisture from becoming trapped between the glass and the curtains.

Heat the inside of your home adequately. This will help reduce humidity levels. It will also heat the outside of the window, decreasing the amount of condensation.

Wash your windows using dish soap. Wipe down your steamy windows with a dry cloth moistened with dish soap and then wipe them off with another dry cloth to remove any traces of soap.

Use a dehumidifier. Keep the relative humidity below 60 percent to prevent excessive moisture inside your home, and thus on your windows. Whether you use a portable dehumidifier, a heat pump or your air exchanger, it will prove quite useful in preventing condensation.

A hybrid window uses one type of material for the inner frame and another type for the outer frame.

The manufacturer combines different materials to optimize the unique advantages of each one. The most well-known hybrid window has an interior frame made of PVC, which is covered by aluminum on the outside. You’ll also find wood-aluminum hybrid products on the market.

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