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Of all the materials offered in the door and window market, wood is without a doubt the one with the most character. While wood has good insulating properties in general, its energy efficiency varies literally from tree to tree. Most wood doors and windows are made from resinous trees, such as pine, western hemlock, Douglas fir or cedar, all of which are hard and dense, offering good dimensional stability. Hardwood, such as oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry wood and eucalyptus (which quickly recovers), is also used in the manufacture of wood doors and windows.

Wood windows are primarily used when required by the municipality or when renovating historic or vintage buildings. This noble material can be used to manufacture sash windows, casement windows, awning windows and even cremone bolt windows. They will need periodic maintenance to preserve their charm for as long as possible. Sanding is necessary, as well as a protective coating or stain, which must be applied every three to five years.

The advantages of wood windows

  • Good insulation value
  • Good structural resistance
  • High-quality material with a warm appearance

Hybrid wood-aluminum windows

Hybrid windows, made of wood overlaid with aluminum on the outside, are a perfect compromise between the charm of wood and the strength of aluminum. With these windows, it’s possible to enjoy the natural beauty of wood on the inside of the frame, while avoiding the need for exterior maintenance, thanks to the aluminum overlay on the outside. The latter lends the hybrid window a high degree of rigidity, while also prolonging the life of the window, which will benefit from optimal protection from the elements, just like an aluminum window or a PVC-aluminum hybrid window.

Hybrid wood-aluminum windows can be manufactured in large sizes, making them a great choice for any project, whether residential or commercial. This very popular combination of materials helps minimize the natural tendency of wood to warp. To maintain these windows, it suffices to apply a coat of semi-transparent or solid stain on the inside part of the frame.

Come discover the various models of hybrid wood-aluminum windows at Verdun Doors and Windows, where one of our consultants will be happy to demonstrate how they work and show you all of their features.

The advantages of wood-aluminum hybrid windows

  • Warm interior finish
  • Less expensive than all-wood windows
  • Minimal exterior maintenance required
  • Good insulation value
  • Good structural resistance