Top 5 things to know about new wood windows | Portes et Fenêtres Verdun

Walk down any street in Westmount, NDG or Montreal West and you’ll be struck by the number of beautiful older homes with original wood windows lining the way. Despite their charm, many of these old windows are also drafty, some won’t budge when you try to open or close them, and they aren’t as energy-efficient as their newer counterparts. What to do?

According to Martin St-Amour from Portes et fenêtres Verdun, a manufacturer and retailer of windows and doors since 1967, enjoying the warmth and cachet of wood windows without dealing with their drawbacks is as easy as replacing them with new ones.

Here’s what you need to know about buying and installing them.

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Choose an expert

“The quality of work is extremely important when it comes to the installation of new wood windows, because it’s comparable to woodworking,” explained St-Amour from the company’s new joint showroom with Lepage Millwork, the maker of their wood product-line, on St-Jacques Street in NDG. “It takes a lot more skill to replace old wood windows — often while conserving the moldings around them — than it does a window made of PVC or aluminum with MDF around it.”

Buy local

Locally made wood windows are created especially for our unique climate, as opposed to most other products, which are often manufactured in the Midwestern United States. Portes et fenêtres Verdun’s wood windows are made by Lepage Millwork, one of the only manufacturers of wood windows that’s based in Quebec.

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They help preserve the character and value of older homes

Homeowners who’ve had their wood windows replaced with PVC are in for an unpleasant surprise when it comes time to selling their house and realizing that its value has diminished. When replacing old wood windows with new ones, it’s important to find windows that match the original moldings and look like they’ve been there forever.

They’re also suited for newer homes

Due to its richness and nobleness, wood can add a lot of texture to a new construction, even in a contemporary setting. Many new builds also come with exceptionally large window frames that are best suited to new wood windows, because they’re more rigid than PVC.

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Choose hardware that complements the window’s style

One of the distinguishing factors of the Lepage Millwork product-line is that its selection varies from traditional to contemporary, and they even offer reproductions of traditional mechanisms, like the weights required for the guillotine-style windows that used to be so popular.

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