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PVC doors and windows are becoming more and more popular. Generally used in pipes and profile applications, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is molded using an extrusion process in which the PVC powder is brought to the melting point and then pushed through a die to create walls. This is why a PVCwindow frame is full of tiny air chambers.

The advantages of PVC windows

Thanks to these numerous air chambers, PVC exhibits very good energy efficiency. The air acts as a form of insulation, creating a barrier against the winter cold or summer heat. Lightweight and strong, PVC is a much more economical material than wood or aluminum. Furthermore, aluminum, which was once widely used in the manufacture of doors and windows, is a natural conductor of heat, unlike PVC. And with its unparalleled structural rigidity, PVC requires no particular maintenance, unlike wood. With performance, simplicity and affordability, PVC has all the advantages!

The evolution of PVC

PVC has evolved considerably in recent years. In the past, this material had a tendency to yellow and to exhibit a mealy texture, similar to that of a garden chair that had been left out in the sun too long. Since then, manufacturers have perfected the recipe, so it’s now possible to obtain a stable, long-lasting color and consistency.

Before the nineties, PVC windows were only available in one color: white, which could vary in shade from one manufacturer to another. While it was possible to paint the frames, darker colors, which quickly absorb the heat of the sun, often caused the PVC to warp. Over time, it has become possible to purchase windows of any color, thanks to the air chambers in the frame, which reduce the pressure caused by any expansion of the frame resulting from heat.

The affordability of PVC

PVC windows are generally in a lower price range than wood or hybrid windows. The price of PVC windows may vary, depending on the dimensions of the window, including not only its height and width but also its depth. The larger the window is, the thicker the thermopane and stronger the hardware will need to be, which can result in increases in the costs associated with purchasing the window.

The advantages of PVC windows

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Insulation against heat and noise
  • Resistance to impacts
  • Low maintenance

Thanks to our multi-brand approach, Portes et Fenêtres Verdun can guarantee a wide range of PVC products from various Quebec-based suppliers, as well as our own name-brand products manufactured in the Portes et Fenêtres Verdun plant in Saint-Bruno. These include crank windows, sliding windows, sash windows and more. Come visit us at one of our locations and discover all of the products that are available to you.