Hybrid double sash window

Hybrid double sash

Hybrid double sash windows

Our hybrid double sash windows combine the strength of aluminum with the energy-efficiency of PVC. They’re a classic product that offers a number of advantages, including practicality, durability and easy maintenance. These windows remain easy to use, no matter how many times they’ve been opened and closed. They boast a fully modular system, which allows the panes to tilt for easier cleaning. Our sash windows are a guaranteed value.

Features and benefits of the Hybrid double sash window:

  • Two movable panes for better control of air circulation
  • Cutting-edge technology, with an extruded aluminum frame on the outside and a rigid PVC frame on the inside
  • Enhanced performance and durability
  • Option of inward-tilting panes for easier maintenance
  • Single- or double-sash available
  • Integrated grilles available



PVC, PVC and aluminium hybrid


Classical, Contemporary, Conventional, Traditional


25 years


Black, Charcoal, commercial brown, kaki, White


Note: Products shown may be discontinued without notice.

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