Enlarging your window openings: dare to go big! | Portes & fenêtres Verdun


Window formats have evolved. Current trends favor oversized windows that make your rooms feel more spacious and give you a greater sense of connection with the outdoors. To make the façade of a home more appealing and give the rooms a more streamlined appearance, enlarging the window openings—as well as the door openings—has become an increasingly popular solution.


Enlarging your window openings


Windows serve more than just one purpose: they allow light into the home, they provide a view of the outside world, they offer a specific sense of style and they ventilate the rooms. By enlarging the openings, you’ll benefit from increased natural light, improved ventilation and you give your home a trendy style. Choose windows in keeping with today’s tastes: straight lines with dark borders on the outside and white ones on the inside and, of course, in an oversized format. And don’t worry about energy efficiency. The triple thermopane glass currently on the market is ideal for mitigating the extreme temperature fluctuations that are common in Quebec.

Enlarging the openings of your front door and patio door


Windows aren’t the only thing that can be enlarged. Your patio door can also be oversized to let in more fresh air and natural light. Bring the outdoors in. Enjoy the view of your landscaping with a giant patio door, which will also facilitate your comings and goings between the inside of your home and your back yard. And for your front door, you can take advantage of a full eight feet of height and color with a fanlight or transom window above the door to improve the ambiance and natural illumination. Current trends favor a simple style with sleek lines, guaranteed to enhance the beauty of the room.


Precautions to take when enlarging your doors and windows


Any renovation must fit in with the identity of the home. That’s why it’s important to check with your city before initiating the work to find out if there are any restrictions related to the architectural style of your neighborhood. You’ll also want to respect your neighbors’ privacy by avoiding the installation of an overly intrusive window. Luckily, you can count on Portes et Fenêtres Verdun to enlarge your windows appropriately and professionally. Take advantage of our multi-brand approach to find fashionable products manufactured right here in Quebec and specially designed to meet your needs.