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Crank windows: features and advantages

Crank windows include casement windows, which pivot on a vertical hinge, and awning windows, which pivot on a horizontal hinge situated at the top of the window. Versatile and modern, they offer several advantages, both esthetic and practical, making them equally popular for use in new constructions and renovations.

Casement windows for optimal ventilation

A casement window opens outward by means of a crank located on the inside. Latches at various anchor points ensure optimal weathertightness, in addition to offering great resistance to water leaks and drafts, thanks to weather-stripping, which flattens out in windy weather.

Increased ventilation is possible with casement windows because the panes open fully, completely clearing the window frame. These windows are also some of the easiest to clean; when the window is open all the way, both sides of the thermopane glass are accessible. As a result, the whole window can be washed from inside the home.

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Awning windows for a breeze, even in the rain

An awning window opens outward on a horizontal hinge by means of a crank, allowing a current of air to flow through the bottom portion. This design makes it possible to leave the window open in any kind of weather. Just like a casement window, an awning window is secured with a latch, linked to several anchor points for improved weathertightness and added security.

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Choose your windows at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun

Crank windows have everything going for them. Easy to maintain, easy to open, secure and attractive, they will harmonize perfectly with any style of home. What’s more, thanks to the multi-brand approach at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun, you can choose from an ample selection of crank windows to find the one that’s right for you.

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