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Aluminum has been used in windows for a very long time. This strong, durable material can be used in the manufacture of casement windows, awning windows, sliding windows and sash windows of all sizes, thanks to its rigidity. Because aluminum conducts heat, a thermal break (usually made of PVC) is installed in the middle, preventing the transfer of heat between the inside and the outside. Aluminum door and window frames are manufactured using a high-temperature extrusion process, similar to that used to make PVC frames.

Aluminum windows

The advantages of aluminum windows

  • Solidity and rigidity
  • Thin frame for maximum glazed surface
  • Exceptional lightness and durability
  • Weathertightness and resistance to warping
  • Low maintenance


Because of their incredible durability, aluminum products are slightly more expensive than those made of PVC; however, they have a lifespan that simply can’t be beat: from 40 to 50 years! Therefore, they’re an excellent long-term investment. Aluminum windows are also very resistant to strong winds, making them a great choice for multi-storey buildings. The thin profile of these windows permits a larger glazed surface, resulting in increased luminosity. What’s more, the frame won’t warp from heat, regardless of the color.

In a nutshell, aluminum window frames are virtually indestructible; they’re warp-resistant, lightweight, weathertight and practically maintenance-free. To make a wise long-term investment in aluminum doors and windows, come visit one of our locations, test the products on-site and get a free estimate for your renovation project!

Aluminum windows