Aluminum sash window

Aluminum SASH windows

Our sash windows are classic products offering numerous advantages, including practicality, durability and easy maintenance. These windows remain easy to use, no matter how many times they’ve been opened and closed. They boast a fully modular system, which allows the panes to tilt for easier cleaning. Our sash windows are a guaranteed value.

Features and benefits of the Aluminum sash window:

  • Molded aluminum frame for optimal structural stability
  • Heavy-duty hardware for ease of operation and a secure, weathertight seal when closed
  • Frame and panes equipped with PVC thermal breaks for maximum weathertightness, energy-efficiency and structural resistance
  • Thermo-energetic low-E argon for minimal heat transfer between indoors and outdoors
  • Enhanced performance and durability
  • Option of inward-tilting panes for easier maintenance
  • Single- or double-sash available
  • Full-length pull-handle to facilitate opening and closing
  • Standard full-length screen or optional half-screen with practical handles for easy removal




Classical, Contemporary, Conventional, Industrial, Retro, Traditional


25 years


Note: Products shown may be discontinued without notice.

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