Aluminum crank window

Aluminum CRANK windows

By virtue of their design, crank windows are among the highest-performing windows in the industry. They provide an optimal waterproof, airtight seal and can withstand strong winds, thanks to premium-quality compression weather-stripping and the fact that they open outward. The unique feature of crank windows, whether awning windows or casement windows, is that they allow the air to circulate. Designed and manufactured with care, these products will offer you comfort and durability in good weather and bad.

Features and benefits of the Aluminum crank window:

  • Molded aluminum frame for optimal structural stability
  • Heavy-duty hardware for ease of operation and a secure, weathertight seal when closed
  • Wide multicellular structural thermal break built into the aluminum frame for superior energy-efficiency
  • Hermetically sealed double glazing, equipped with an insulating spacer for optimal thermal efficiency
  • Multipoint latches for enhanced airtight performance
  • Integrated handle for added durability
  • Multiple chambers for maximum insulation
  • Thermo-energetic low-E argon for minimal heat transfer between indoors and outdoors




Classical, Contemporary, Modern, Sober, Timeless, Traditional


25 years


Note: Products shown may be discontinued without notice.

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