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Steel doors and their advantages

Solid, durable and virtually maintenance-free, steel doors are a popular choice for front doors. Steel doors are energy efficient and come in a number of different styles, whether to complement the façade of a traditional- or a contemporary-style home.

The advantages of a steel door


Unlike wood doors, steel doors require very little maintenance. They are a very cost-effective option that’s available in various configurations (including single and double doors with or without transoms) and several different colors (including iron ore, which is currently very popular). They also come with a diverse selection of hardware, including classic or contemporary knobs and handles in polished or brushed nickel or bronze. A steel door with a window can offer various degrees of privacy while still letting in as much natural light as possible, thanks to numerous options in textured glass, such as clear, sanded, hammered or beveled. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun offers the design and manufacture of all of these options and more.

Porte d'acier

Porte d'acier noire

The technical aspects of a steel door


Steel doors feature 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel facing. Underneath, the kiln-dried pine interior is reinforced by a block of solid wood around the handle for added security. The interior is also injected with rigid polyurethane foam insulation, which not only makes the door more energy efficient but also prevents it from warping. Magnetic and compression weather-stripping between the door and the frame provide an additional layer of protection when the door is closed. The design ensures good energy efficiency as long as the installation is done in accordance with best practices (with adequate insulation around the door and a properly squared opening). Finally, various models of knobs are available in bronze, nickel and black finishes.

Steel provides exceptional durability and requires only minimal maintenance. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun offers a vast selection of steel doors, including the Verdun Collection, which the company creates and manufactures locally in its Saint-Bruno plant.

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