The decision to purchase doors and windows is no trifling matter. It’s only natural for clients to look for high-quality products that suit their budget and desires, as well as the specific needs of their home. Imagine a multi-brand company with doors and windows from a variety of reputable suppliers. You’d be able to compare and contrast all of the products available in the market.

The Notre-Dame-de-Grâce branch of Portes et Fenêtres Verdun—a leader in the vintage wood door and window renovation industry—is located in the heart of a neighborhood with a priceless architectural heritage, featuring wood paneling and structures in the typical style of the years between 1900 and 1940.

As a result of the particularly high demand for wood doors and windows that recapture that particular pre-war charm, such as cremone bolt windows and sash windows, Portes et Fenêtres Verdun has enriched its multi-brand selection and is now an authorized distributor of top-of-the-line wood products by Lepage Millwork.

A little history 

Like Portes et Fenêtres VerdunLepage Millwork has more than 50 years of experience and is a supplier of wood doors and windows. Located in Rivière-du-Loup, the company boasts large quantities of raw material, as well as its own wood drying and thermal glass production units, which allow it to produce triple-pane, tempered and laminated windows, among others. From tree to final product, Lepage Millwork offers stiff competition for American suppliers and distributors. This Quebec company has succeeded in designing products that are adapted to the harsh climate of our province. Specializing in solid wood doors and windowsLepage Millwork at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun meets the high demand of Montreal’s historical neighborhoods.

A range of superior-quality wood products

Craftsmanship is a predominant feature of Lepage Millwork. Customization, attention to detail and the quality of the finishes and the materials chosen are in evidence in every single door and window they design. These are magnificent products, brimming with prestigious charm and capable of elegantly crowning the renovation of any façade, in keeping with best practices. The choices of hardware, such as dowels and mortise and tenon joints, as well as the numerous procedures, are all aimed at respecting the noble nature of wood. A variety of woods are available, including pine, eucalyptus and mahogany, in addition to just about any other type the clientele desires. All you have to do is ask!

Portes et Fenêtres Verdun: historical projects

If you own a home in a neighborhood where the city requires the preservation of the area’s historical charm, the replacement of your doors and windows will be subject to municipal and possibly even provincial regulations with regard to respecting the product of origin, its design, its proportions, its tiling and so on. As a leader in these types of projects, Portes et Fenêtres Verdun has strong credibility with the various players and is proud of its role in integrating and preserving elements that perfectly represent this architectural legacy. Precision, patience, respect, motivation and rigor are the necessary qualities for ensuring the success of large historical preservation projects.

The expert consultants at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun are much more than just sales reps. Your shopping experience with us is meant to be reassuring and to provide you with peace of mind for many years to come. Thanks to our partnership with Lepage Millwork, we can offer products of incomparable quality. Because of the strong demand in the surrounding neighborhoods, our new showroom is located in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce; however, this line of products is available at all of our outlets. Come visit our new showroom and discover all of our wood door and window products.