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Replacing your home’s doors and windows isn’t something you do very often. That’s why it’s important to opt for a high-quality product, to do business with a reputable company and, last but not least, to get a good warranty on the products. While many distributors and suppliers claim to have an unbeatable warranty, the fine print may surprise you. To make the best possible choices, here’s a little preview of what you can expect.

The various warranties on doors and windows

As a distributor that has been specializing in doors and windows for 50 years, we offer the widest range of products on the market, selected from among the best manufacturers in Quebec, in order to respond to the needs of the most discriminating customers. We trust our manufacturing partners so much that the president of Verdun Doors and Windows has decided to offer our clientele an incomparable warranty: the Verdun Guarantee, which assures you of the highest level of protection in the industry. You’ll benefit from our proprietary guarantee on top of the manufacturer warranty.

This warranty ensures you have the best protection in the industry. That is to say, between two warranties from different manufacturers, Portes & Fenêtres VERDUN always offers you the most generous one, ensuring you unmatched peace of mind.)

The term of the warranty on the products isn’t the only criterion to consider when purchasing your future doors and windows; in the case of most distributor warranties, a number of conditions and restrictions apply. Some warranties are tiered, meaning that the client will be responsible for part of the cost, according to the year in which the defect occurs. For example, the manufacturer may pay 100 percent of the costs if the defect occurs during the first ten years after the product is installed, but only 25 percent of the costs during the ten years after that.

Furthermore, not all warranties are transferrable to the new owners if the home is sold. When purchasing a new home, make sure the manufacturer of the existing doors and windows will honor the warranty on the purchase made by the previous owners.

What is the Verdun Guarantee?

The non-tiered, fully transferrable Verdun Guarantee has been implemented to offer all our clients total peace of mind. Set at 25 years for windows and 15 years for steel doors, this warranty is valid on all of our products, regardless of the brand or model. A key feature of the Verdun Guarantee is that we will serve as an intermediary between the client and the supplier during the full term of the warranty. For any repairs or replacements, you’ll do business directly with the team dedicated to warranty claims at one of our locations, regardless of the manufacturer warranty. Standardizing the warranties at the highest level translates into a winning situation for our clients, regardless of the products purchased.

What does this warranty mean for Verdun Doors and Windows?

We’ve implemented this guarantee, enabling you to get your claim handled quickly and straightforwardly at one of our locations. The Verdun Guarantee reflects our company values: attentiveness, availability, skill, courtesy, reliability and continuous improvement. Proud to honor our guarantee, the whole team here at Verdun Doors and Windows makes your satisfaction a top priority.

The best warranty in the market is at Verdun Doors and Windows

We sincerely believe that a non-tiered, transferrable warranty, combined with accessible, courteous service, is the best thing you’ll find in the market. That’s why we promise the best possible warranty. Always focused on solutions, Verdun Doors and Windows has been doing business for more than 50 years and knows the door and window market inside and out. We know what matters the most to you. Visit our warranty page for more information.