Door and Window Installation | Portes et fenêtres Verdun

Having your doors and windows installed by a team of professionals is essential for ensuring the optimal durability and performance of the products. When you purchase your doors and windows from Portes et Fenêtres Verdun and entrust us with their installation, you can count on us to schedule the installation at the time that’s most convenient for you, while also taking weather constraints into consideration. It’s nice to know that it’s entirely possible to get your doors and windows installed 12 months a year, even during the winter. In fact, our installation techniques are designed to ensure that every product is placed in its opening as quickly as possible, thus minimizing heat loss. Here are the steps to correctly installing your new doors and windows.


Preparing the installation site for your doors and windows

The installation of your doors and windows begins with a verification of the dimensions of the products to be installed in each opening. This is carried out by a technician with years of installation experience. For the installation to progress effectively, it’s recommended to clear the space—inside and outside—around the openings where the new doors or windows will be installed. Please note that our installers are not authorized to do this for you. Next, it’s a good idea to remove any curtains or other window treatments to make our team’s work even easier.


Removing the old doors and windows and conducting an inspection

Before removing your old doors and windows, the installers will confirm that the products to be installed are appropriate. To minimize heat loss during cool weather, the products are removed one at a time and immediately replaced, once the opening has been inspected to verify the quality of the materials that will support the new product. When necessary, Portes et Fenêtres Verdun might offer to perform certain repairs to increase the durability of your new doors and windows.


Preparing the openings and performing the installation

The installers at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun will place the new products in their respective openings and, before installing them permanently, will make any necessary adjustments, including leveling, squaring, adjusting the depth, testing the opening mechanism and checking the seals. The key to a good installation is making sure that everything is level, square, plumb, weathertight and visually pleasing, all in keeping with best practices.


Insulating and caulking the doors and windows

Next, urethane foam spray or mineral wool is used to ensure that your doors and windows are properly insulated. Caulk is then applied along the seams to ensure that they’re weathertight. These critical steps may be performed on the inside of your home, on the outside, or both.


Finishing and installation site cleanup

Flashing and rabbets are installed next, followed by finishing trim. After installing your doors and windows, the team at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun will clean up the construction debris and haul it away to a waste recovery center. Last of all, they’ll perform an inspection along with you so you can confirm that you’re satisfied with the quality of the installation. They’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to show you how your new products work.