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Customization for windows

When it comes to windows, customization allows personalizing products in numerous ways, especially with regard to sizes, colors, pane dividers, frosted glass, materials and hardware. Customization is an ideal option for all sorts of projects because, when the products are made to measure, by definition, they fit perfectly in their openings.

Customization in new construction

When drafting plans for the construction of new homes in a specific housing development, architects propose standard window openings. This helps reduce the cost of the products, as the suppliers can produce them in bulk. It’s also a way of ensuring that clients have access to products that will fit the dimensions of the rooms in their home.

Customization in renovations

In the case of renovations, it’s a different story. The dimensions of the window openings might not be standard. That’s when customization is the perfect solution, as it allows adapting to the existing conditions in the home. This may refer to exterior siding (brick, stone or PVC), interior constraints (such as the need to preserve colors or the character of the molding) or other constraints related to the nature of the room (for example, avoiding damaging the tile around a bathroom window).

When you decide to replace your windows, they’ll usually need to be custom made. The openings can also be modified to suit your tastes, for example, to install a long horizontal window in your living room or a decorative window in your cathedral ceiling. But you can also opt for doors with sidelights or fanlights. The former are windows situated on each side of the door, while the latter are windows situated above the door.

Adapting customization to new trends

People crave natural light. They want to become one with the outdoors. That’s why there’s such a demand for larger and larger doors and windows that are made to order. In response to this trend toward oversized openings, Portes et Fenêtres Verdun must supply clients with fully customized products to satisfy their specific needs. In this regard, door and window personalization or customization is a major asset. Contact Portes et Fenêtres Verdun for a fully personalized estimate.