Different door materials for different needs | Portes et fenêtres Verdun

Door materials

When the time comes to purchase your next doors and windows, the choice of materials is an important element to consider. Here are the principal door materials that are offered at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun.


Steel doors

The 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel used in the exterior doors and garage doors at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun is thick and durable. The frame of these exterior doors is made of kiln-dried finger-jointed pine, while the core of the door is injected with rigid polyurethane foam, enhancing its energy efficiency. The placement of the wood block for the door knob offers increased solidity and security. A steel door can also feature side panels or sidelights.


Wood doors

Wood doors are valued for their esthetic appearance and their energy efficiency, which is excellent thanks to the natural insulating properties of wood. The warm aspect of wood doors is equally suitable for vintage, contemporary or prestigious styles. These doors can be factory-made or can be made by hand for a more personal touch. Wood can be sculpted and carved largely according to our wishes, and it adds a certain touch of natural richness that other materials simply can’t.

Wood is also 100 percent recyclable. It can be reused in full, or part of it can be transformed into other wood products. Wood works equally well in patio doors, garden doors and garage doors. However, since wood doors aren’t covered with extruded aluminum on the outer side, they require more maintenance than the new-generation of doors known as hybrids, which contain two materials, such as wood and aluminum or, in the case of windows, PVC and aluminum.


Wood-aluminum hybrid doors

Wood-aluminum hybrid doors consist of a wood frame covered on the outer side with extruded aluminum, which gives it added resistance to the elements. This way, you can enjoy the warm appearance, energy efficiency and acoustic properties of wood on the inside of your home. And on the outside, you can benefit from the durability of aluminum, while also avoiding the heavy maintenance demanded by wood. This mixture of materials is generally used in exterior doors, garden doors and patio doors.

Garage doors, which are available in steel, aluminum or wood, come in a variety of textures (embossed, grooved or woodgrain) and are insulated to provide protection from the cold. They can also be outfitted with window inserts.


Hybrid PVC-aluminum patio doors

Hybrid patio doors consist of a PVC frame covered with extruded aluminum on the outer side. This combination allies the thermal performance of PVC with the rigidity of aluminum. The aluminum exterior also allows you to take advantage of an extensive palette of available colors.


Door thresholds

Door thresholds are usually made of anodized aluminum and include a PVC thermal break.