Doors and windows – How to get more for your money

When it comes to home renovation projects, replacing your doors and windows implies a significant investment. How do you make the right choice? Which models are best? What materials are preferable? Who should you hire to do the installation? Here are a few tips on getting the best value for your money, courtesy of the experts at Verdun Doors and Windows.

1. Invest in Energy Star certified products

These models of doors and windows meet the strictest energy-efficiency standards in the industry. In addition to qualifying for the RénoVert tax credit, these products help stabilize the temperature inside your home, resulting in energy savings of up to 15 or even 20 percent.

2. Entrust the installation of your doors and windows to specialists

Even the best-quality product can perform poorly if it isn’t properly installed. That’s why it’s strongly recommended that you entrust the installation to a specialized company with the necessary experience to work with the manufacturer’s products. Your comfort will be ensured by an installation performed in accordance with best practices.

3. Consider a wide variety of products

Single-brand representatives have no choice but to limit you to just one product line. In contrast, by representing multiple manufacturers at the same time, an expert consultant at Verdun Doors and Windows can guide you toward the most suitable model from among a much larger selection, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

4. Ask for an in-home consultation

Your time is valuable! Rather than taking time off work or having to find a babysitter, ask for an in-home consultation. That way, your expert consultant can also make more judicious recommendations by taking certain details of your environment into consideration, including the direction of the wind and the position of your home relative to the sun.

5. Invest in a high-quality product

On the average, a property owner only has to replace all the doors and windows of the residence once or twice in a lifetime, which just goes to show what an important decision it is. Investing in high-quality components and materials reduces the risk of having to spend more money later on to fix any problems that might come up, such as drafts, heat-loss or mold and mildew.

6. Opt for a non-tiered, transferrable warranty

The value of a warranty entails much more than simply the number of years. For example, the non-tiered warranty offered by Verdun Doors and Windows maintains its full coverage for the entire term, rather than requiring you to pay a portion of the costs after a certain amount of time has passed. The warranty is also transferable, which could be seen as a significant plus in the eyes of potential buyers when you go to sell your property.

7. Finance now, rather than putting it off

Every year, the price of goods goes up in order to cover increases in the costs of labor, materials and manufacturing. Taking too long to save up the money could prove to be a pitfall. Instead, a loan could help you secure a good price right now, and the 15 to 20 percent energy savings you’ll achieve will offset part of the interest.

8. Replace everything at once, instead of a little at a time

If possible, it’s better to replace all of your doors and windows at the same time. Besides enjoying increased bargaining power, you’ll also benefit from economies of scale, saving money on the costs of delivery and installation. Finally, a large-scale project will allow you to take full advantage of any tax credits you may qualify for, like RénoVert, for example!

9. Hire a reputable company

The industry sees a lot of companies come and go, but the best ones stick around. In business for 50 years, Verdun Doors and Windows today boasts 10 locations in 8 cities throughout the Greater Montreal area, with an excellent reputation and an incomparable selection of premium-quality products. Get an online estimate today!

10. To enjoy your magnificent doors and windows for many years to come!