Manufacturer and distributor of windows

We offer all types of windows: casement, awning, simple or double slit, with shutters (to facilitate maintenance), sliding, bay-bow, architectural or special forms. Several opening mechanisms, such as swivel-opening, interior awning, tilt and turn and espagnolette, are available based on needs or the specific project.

PVC windows, aluminum windows, windows made from wood or composite materials – almost anything is possible! Choose from our wide selection of windows based on your taste, budget and requirements. Our expert advisors will guide you, helping you to navigate our various technical and style options!

Manufacturer and distributor of doors

The door to your home is its smile. It can be simple or double, contain side panels, topped with a transom, contain clear or satined glass, stained glass or a magic eye.

It can be modern, contemporary, classic, adorned with executive paneling or decorative mouldings.

The different door panel motifs, the palette of different colours, the ball-bearing or decorative hinges, the colour of the doorstep, the model and finish of the handle that you will choose are all decisions with which our consultants will be able to guide you based on the architectural features of your property, your neighbourhood, but also according to your tastes and touch of style that you want to give.

Your door is also something that protects your household from the outside. This is why we offer solutions that can enhance the degree of security, such as the multipoint mechanism or a steel safety plate, that reinforces the solidness of the frame in terms of the drilled holes required for hardware.

All these configuration choices involve different components and manufacturing steps.

The doors of our house brand are manufactured in our own plant, which was the first stainless steel door manufacturing plant in Québec. Fitted with digitally-controlled equipment, the precision of our machinists and the expertise of our employees ensures that a door will not only be esthetically appealing, but sealed and resistant to our harsh climate.

The requirements of the Energy Star certification involve using glass components that have been tested and a manufacturing procedure that has been audited by Natural Resources Canada.