You can trust our experienced installers. They will carry out your installation using proven methods and according to the highest standards to ensure superior durability and performance.

We will consult with you to figure out the best time to do the installation, considering of course the duration of the project as well as the changing weather conditions, which can require to change the dates on which we do the installation.

Despite popular belief, it is now possible to install your doors and windows 12 months of the year, even during winter! In fact, today’s installation techniques ensure that in less than 10 minutes, your new doors and windows will be installed in their opening, minimizing heat loss.

The following are the various steps involved in installing a new dor or new windows.

Good installation starts with proper measurements being taken. This is why a technical person does a visit to check the production measurements and installation conditions.

Before our team of installers arrived, you need to clear the spaces in front, inside and outside the openings, where the new door or new windows are going to be installed, as our installers are not authorized to do this. You must then remove the blinds, curtains and other ornaments, all in an effort to facilitate the work of our workers. There must also be enough space to be able to place tools and move around unobstructed.

Before removing your existing doors and windows, the installer will make sure the products to be installed are compliant.

Old products must then be removed to make space for the new doors and windows. We will not remove all the doors and windows at the same time, but only the number that we can replace within a given time, to avoid leaving opening uncovered for extended periods and therefore prevent heat loss.

Openings are then inspected to make sure that the materials that will receive the new door or the new window are still in good condition. If everything is in good condition, we will immediately start preparing the openings. If the openings are not adequate, we will proceed with preparatory work, for example.

This step consists of enlarging the opening (if the new door or the new windows are larger) or simply repairing the opening for a door or windows of the same size.​

The new door or the new window is placed in the final opening from the outside and adjustments are then made so everything is at the right level before attaching it permanently.

The product needs to be checked to make sure it is square so the opening mechanisms work properly and so the joints can be adjusted properly to ensure perfect sealing.

The key words for a good installation: Level, square, self-assurance, weathertightness and esthetic.

Insulation with mineral wool or sprayed urethane and caulking are the following steps to ensure perfect sealing of the whole. These operations are done from the inside as well as the outside.

We finally put flashing and cappin and finish with mouldings.

When the doors and windows have been installed, we clean the site and get rid of the construction waste. Old doors, windows and other construction waste will then be sent to a sorting facilities for recycling.

We will also inspect the work with you and will explain how your new doors and windows work.