In most cases, you don’t decide to replace your windows to keep up with the latest trend, but rather out of necessity. So when it comes time to replace the windows, in addition to the type of material (aluminium, pvc, hybrid, fiberglass or wood), you must also find the style that best suits your house and lifestyle. Another factor that must absolutely be taken into consideration is the issue of requirements /restrictions imposed by your municipality.

The different types of windows

Having the advantage of being more economical than other types of windows, their mechanism is also very simple. Often used for basements, they offer a lot of light due to their thin profiles and they are in a very good position to comply with the emergency exit standard when they must be used as an emergency exit in a bedroom. Economical, simple to operate and boasting a low breakage rate, these features will always make this type of window a very popular choice.

Providing excellent resistance to wind, they also have the advantage of offering good protection against intrusions as a result of their multipoint locking mechanism. Opening outward, they are also very esthetically appealing, but you need to factor in enough space to open them. Regarding casement windows, note that the hinges are on the side of the shutter opening, while they are located above the opening shutter in the case of awning windows.

This type of window can be said to be ‘’simple or double’’ tilt. With its tilting shutters, this type of window is now extremely simple to clean, from inside your home. They also have a very attractive style and another very relevant point is the fact that they allow for easy installation of air conditioners for hot summer days.

This type of window is very appealing esthetically. In addition to increasing light, it has the effect of making your inside space appear largest. This type of window is, however, more expensive as a result of the varied joinery and carpentry work required. It goes without saying that this style of window does not suit all types of homes.

Regardless of the style of window you’ll choose, also make sure that the window has been skillfully installed and that its installation comes with a reliable warranty. To make sure of the warranty, call a qualified contractor who will be able to advise you objectively and wisely. Maintenance, opening and the level of security associated with each style of window can vary, so make sure you’re making the right choice.