If the door is the smile of your house, then the windows are the eyes. As they are an integral part of its architecture, they are very important. But that being said, how do you know when you should replace them?


A window is expected to last 15 years, but it can also last 20 years, sometimes even more. When will you know that it’s time to change them? Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • ​The stripping around the windows has deteriorated.
  • The hardware is damaged.
  • There’s a draft.
  • Condensation is appearing between the glass panes.
  • Mould is covering the edges of the windows.
  • Their appearance no longer suits the house.
  • They are becoming hard to open, close or lock.

Improving the energy efficiency can be another incentive – with new windows, you save 15 to 25% in energy. That sure makes a difference!


Basically, windows must be easy to manœuvre, they must be durable and attractive, while performing well energy-wise. Compliance with the final condition is a gauge of comfort for occupants.

If price is a factor that it is important, the quality-price ratio is even more so. Compare your choices from this perspective, that is, without totally sacrificing quality to save at all costs, because time will prove you wrong. Being very inexpensive is never synonymous with quality nor sustainability.

Before making a decision, inspect the samples while considering the following defining features:

  • ​The type of window (fixed or mobile).
  • How it works (with a handle, sliding, tilt-turn).
  • How easy it is to maintain (swing-out wings, 90-degree hinges).
  • Materials comprising the frame (PVC, aluminium, wood, hybrid, fiberglass).
  • Type of glass (simple, double, triple, Low-E coating, gas, spacers).
  • Enery performance (A, B and C ratings, energy performance).
  • The quality of the installation work (the best windows that are poorly installed does not result in the best performance and their sustainability could end up being affected)

And last, but not least, don’t forget that you can’t match a professional when it comes to guiding your choice well.