Maintenance for every type of window

With adequate maintenance, your windows can last 5 to 10 years longer, so it’s therefore worth the money!

Here are some practical tips for each type, and by applying them you will maintain your windows longer.


Maintaining PVC frames is simple. To maintain their original look as long as possible, clean them with a little water and mild soap, and then flush with water and wipe using a soft cloth. Avoid using an abrasive product, because the PVC surface would be damaged.

Are your PVC frames stained? If so, wash them with soapy water mixed with washing soda. If the marks persist, use a “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” type sponge. Flush with water and dry.

Today, the vast majority of wood windows are covered with a profile of exterior extruded aluminium, which minimizes the maintenance required compared to interior and exterior wood windows. These products provide the charm and warmth of wood without the burden of exterior maintenance. Since the wood in inside, it is sheltered from bad weather and no special maintenance is required.

Being more rare, interior and exterior wood windows must be treated with kid gloves. But it’s far from being the end of the world, because these days, the protective stains are effective, but maintenance every three to five years is nevertheless recommended.

Just like PVC frames, the main advantage of aluminium frames is the low maintenance that they require. However, they must be maintained at least once a year, sometimes more, depending on where you live and certain environmental factors.

In order to keep them looking good, also wash them with a little water and mild soap, then flush with water and wipe again using a soft cloth.