Portes et Fenêtres Verdun offers a highly exhaustive selection of doors and windows for all tastes, regardless of your budget. Our experienced consultants will be there for you throughout your renovation project, in store or in the comfort of your home.

In order to guide you and help you to choose the right windows best suited to you, we would like to provide you with a few pieces of practical advice that you can consult as needed.

A few things to keep in mind to choose your windows wisely

The vast majority of windows are available double paned and some manufacturers even have the option of triple panes. Glass offering the best energy efficiency and required for most Energy Star certified windows are those covered with a low e-coating (commonly known as Low-E) and whose space between the glass is filled with inert gas (argon). This gas has the effect of reducing the loss of heat by conduction. Window glass is also available in a choice of decorative finishing (frosted, pinhead or glue chip) or tinted (gray or bronze).

It is possible to add a decorative touch to your windows by embellishing using different tiles (between the different glass panes, on the surface or using both for a more realistic effect). Tiles placed between glass panes also makes cleaning easier.

The sealing (weathertightness) of double and triple panes, as well as insulation of the glass, are ensured by an insulating material, called a spacer, installed on the windowsills (or on the perimeter) of the glass. Manufacturers use different materials to produce the spacers, in foam without any metal insert (Super Spacer from Edgetech), in low thermal conductivity stainless steel and in INEX (thermoplastic filled with silica).

Window frames are available in several materials, but PVC windows continue to be the most popular these days. Those in wood are primarily sought after for their charm, heat, wood grain beauty, the stain and the material’s natural look. Aluminium is known for its solidness and longevity and is more resistant to fading in the darker shades. For those looking to take advantage of several materials at a lower cost, we offer hybrid windows that combine two materials: PVC and aluminium or wood and aluminium.

Weatherstripping is a key component in designing a window, because it will play an important role in determining the energy efficiency of the product and in its long-term weathertightness

The Energy Star certification ensures a level of strong energy efficiency based on a given climate zone. It is, however, important to speak with a consultant, because each product’s specifications are different and influence the degree of energy efficiency

For several years, fenestration products have been offered in a wide range of colours that meet the majority of market demand, but it is possible to produce colours on special request in an almost unlimited palette