Door and window materials

Frames and window panels are available in various materials, all with their own characteristics and thermal performances. It is the same with the different types of glass panes. You will find, in this section, information about the materials used in manufacturing various fenestration products available at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun.

Exterior door materials

This is the heavy hot-dipped galvanized, 24-gauge steel, which is used to manufacture exterior and garage doors offered by Portes et Fenêtres Verdun.

The exterior doors have a jointed kiln-dried pine contour. The core of the door is filled with rigid polyurethane injected foam. A solid wood block ensures durability and increased safety where the handle and the lock are to be mounted.

The steel door may have windowed portions and side panels with or without windows.

Wood is also used for interior, patio, garden and garage doors. Wooden doors are used especially when you want to increase the prestige look of your home. Wood doors require more maintenance than other doors.

It is mainly for garage and patio doors that aluminium is used.

The garage doors are available in a variety of textured finishes (embossed, grooved or wood grain) and are insulated against cold. They may have windowed openings.

Aluminium doors perform as well as any other materials on the energy efficiency level and allow a wide variety of colours

PVC is used mainly for patio doors. The doors are manufactured in a way similar to sliding windows. Low maintenance, it is still the preferred choice for patio doors due to its excellent price/quality ratio.

Used for exterior, garden and patio doors. In order to eliminate the burden of exterior maintenance required by wood, certain products come with an extruded aluminium surface covering, available in several colours, maintaining the charm and warmth of the wood inside, without the need for exterior maintenance.

This assembly of hybrid materials is used only for windows.

Fibreglass is mainly used for exterior and patio doors. It comprises a frame of pultruded fibreglass. The advantages of fibreglass are its rigidity and impact resistance. It is also easy to maintain and can be painted. However, it remains the most expensive material on the market today.

The glass of windowed doors is similar and as high-performing and effective as window glass.

The threshold is made mainly of anodized aluminium, available in three colours (aluminium, bronze and black). It has a PVC thermal break..

Edgetech Super Spacers are designed without any metal insert. Its pre-dried structural memory foam permits contraction and expansion, avoiding cracks in glass and prevents condensation. It has a reflective surface that takes on the colour of the frame, so there is no need for spacers of each colour.