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Efficient and practical, sliding windows are an affordable, cost-effective choice for your home. Perfect for openings of all sizes, this basic window has two panes that slide from right to left to let air in at each side of the frame. Some sliding windows only have one sliding pane; the other one remains stationary, but can be temporarily removed for cleaning. Available in PVC, aluminum or hybrid (a combination of aluminum and PVC), a sliding window locks by means of a latch generally situated at the center of the window on one of the panes.

The numerous advantages of sliding windows

In addition to being very economical, a sliding window offers optimal luminosity, thanks to its thin profile, and needs little maintenance, thanks to the simplicity of its mechanism. Since the pane doesn’t move outward, like that of a casement or awning window, or inward, like that of a tilt and turn window, the frame of a sliding window doesn’t need to be heavy and imposing to support the glass. As a result, it’s discreet and modest. It can also be fabricated in various formats for use in all types of openings.

  • Unobtrusive
  • Indirect ventilation (if double windows)
  • Easy maintenance (removable sash)
  • Maximum glazed surface (thin frame)

Sliding windows, a safe choice

Are you familiar with the eGress requirement? Part of the National Building Code, this regulation governs bedroom doors and windows that must serve as emergency exits. The windows must meet several criteria: they’re subject to minimum dimensions determined by each municipality and a minimum height of 1.5 m from the floor and they must be easy to open. If a residential fire breaks out, a sliding window makes a safe way to quickly evacuate the occupants of the home, considering that there’s no complex mechanism to crawl over and the panes open easily and can even be completely removed, if necessary. This type of window is ideal for bedrooms and basements.

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