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Among the various types of windows, sash windows have a classic elegance that harmonizes perfectly with a traditional-style home. This unobtrusive window has two panes, the lower of which opens upward to let air in through the bottom. In some sash windows, both panes can open to let warm air move through the top and cold air through the bottom for optimal circulation and indirect ventilation.

sash window, which is widely used in traditional architecture, is perfect for renovating English or country-style buildings, preserving their old-fashioned charm, while responding to current municipal regulations. It can be constructed from aluminum, PVC or a hybrid mixture of the two materials and can be fitted with country-style hardware. The frames are thin, so the glazed surface is maximized and can be personalized using tiles of various colors and styles.

Once equipped with chambers with weights and counterweights to facilitate opening, today’s sash windows are equipped with spring systems, which are more ergonomic and allow the frame to be fully insulated.

The advantages of a sash window

When replacing your windows, one important point is often overlooked: the presence of a window-mounted air conditioner. It’s difficult—if not impossible—to install this apparatus in certain types of windows, like awning or casement windows. However, a sash window permits quick installation and easy use of a window-mounted air conditioning unit.

Elegant when fitted with discreet hardware, a sash window is also easy to clean, as the panes can be either tilted or completely removed. What’s more, the bottom can be left partially open and secured with a vent lock for safe air circulation at night. This way, you can enjoy a nice breeze with no worries.

  • Unobtrusive
  • Indirect ventilation (if double windows)
  • Easy maintenance (removable or tilting sash)
  • Preservation of the charm of older homes

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