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Doors and energy efficiency

The measurement of energy efficiency in an exterior door is slightly different from that of a window. In fact, whether a door receives Energy Star certification or not can be a simple matter of the manufacturing procedure that’s used. These procedures are audited by Canada Natural Resources to respond to strict criteria in order to ensure that every door provides good energy efficiency.

Efficient door


The door manufacturing process

The secret to good energy efficiency in an exterior door lies in the way it’s assembled. First, the frame is assembled, followed by the panels. Next, the door is weather-proofed, caulked, outfitted with weather-stripping and then tested to make sure that everything is in compliance with regulations. If the door has a window, the door cannot be Energy Star-certified unless the window is, too.


The energy efficiency of an exterior door

An Energy Star-certified exterior door minimizes heat loss, regardless of the season. Weather-stripping, which can be of a magnetic or compression type, prevents drafts. If it’s incorrectly installed or if it isn’t replaced when it gets old, this could have serious repercussions on your electricity bill in the winter. When properly adjusted, the door sweep at the bottom provides an optimal seal between the door and the threshold. If the exterior door is equipped with an Energy Star-certified window, its energy efficiency won’t vary much from that of a solid door. In fact, glazing in doors is also subject to very strict regulations to ensure that it provides excellent insulating properties.

Efficient door


The importance of installation in a door’s energy efficiency

Whether the door you purchase is Energy Star-certified or not, it will automatically lose all of its advantages if it isn’t properly installed. If the door isn’t perfectly straight, if there isn’t enough urethane insulation around the edges or if the door sweep and weather-stripping aren’t adjusted correctly, the door can let in drafts, resulting in significant heat loss. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to have it installed by a professional.

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