Soundproofing demystified


You’ll often hear door and window companies bragging about how incomparably soundproof their products are. But you shouldn’t count on doors and windows alone to ensure the sound insulation of your home. The fact is that the quality of the walls, window frames and other components of your home also come into play in providing an optimal barrier against noise. Doors and windows can also provide solutions to make your home more soundproof, but they, alone, aren’t responsible for that quest.


Having said that, there are three approaches to improving a window’s capacity to absorb sound. First, a triple-glazed window makes it possible to cut more sound simply because of the sheer quantity of material the sound has to pass through. Second, a double-glazed window with panes of different thicknesses cuts out different wavelengths of sound, increasing the range of sound insulation. Last, window lamination, which gives the glass a bluish tint, is also a good way to prevent sound from penetrating the panes. So how do you choose the right solution? It all depends on the shape and style of the window, as well as the materials that are chosen. If you’re wondering why a combination of all three approaches wouldn’t be the best solution, you should be aware that the result would be an extremely heavy, exorbitantly expensive window. So it’s essential to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

efficacite energetique fenetres portes


The energy efficiency of your doors and windows


Did you know that windows can account for up to 25 percent of your home’s total heat-loss? The energy efficiency of your windows is an important factor when it comes to reducing your annual electricity costs. Purchasing Energy Star doors and windows is a good solution for ensuring that your home is well-insulated.


The Energy Star certification program, administered by the federal government and the Ministry of Natural Resources, is based on energy performance ratings. These ratings measure a window’s capacity to warm up from the sun in the winter, prevent heat-loss through its various components and reduce heat-loss by containing drafts. In Quebec, three zones require different energy performance ratings, given the variations in temperature. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun can work with you to determine which products are best adapted to your zone.


The importance of how your doors and windows are installed


Energy Star-certified windows can be up to 40 percent more effective than non-certified double-pane windows. However, a high-quality professional installation is what ensures that your windows are airtight and perform at their optimum level. To make sure that you get the most out of your purchase, it’s essential to do business with experts.


The thermal performance of your doors and windows


The weather conditions of Quebec are such that heat gains are welcome in winter, but not in the summer. That’s why the materials and the energy performance rating must be carefully selected according to the climate conditions in your particular region. The consultants at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun are qualified to give you the best advice on the design, style and material components of your next doors and windows.

efficacite energetique fenetres portesefficacite energetique fenetres portes