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Door and window trends for 2022

Colorful front doors for 2022


The trends of 2022 offer you an embarrassment of choices for your next front door. For a look that’s either contemporary or classic, opt for a steel door, paired with a fanlight or sidelight. If you need even more natural light, you can opt for a glazed door with transparent or frosted glass. Colored doors are currently a fashionable choice for brightening up the façade of a home. Whether they’re yellow, crimson, blue or green, they’re sure to provide a bold touch of style. Black doors are still in demand, while iron ore is definitely the most popular color for 2022. There’s certainly no lack of inspiration in the choice of colors for your doors and windows this year.


Solid, durable and virtually maintenance-free, steel doors are a frequent favorite for front doors. They’re energy efficient and come in a number of different configurations. And unlike wood doors, steel doors require very little maintenance.

Tendances portes et fenêtres 2022

Tendances portes et fenêtres 2022

Doors and window trends: durable, environmentally friendly materials


In 2022, adopting eco-responsible habits is no longer simply a trend: it’s a necessity. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun is very aware of the ecological impact of the construction industry. That’s why we’re proud to offer products manufactured with locally sourced environmentally friendly materials, such as steel, a bio-based material with excellent properties favoring sustainable development. Besides being resistant, malleable and rustproof, steel proposes very few challenges to the environment during the manufacturing process.



Meanwhile, the process for manufacturing aluminum, another reusable material, has become increasingly sophisticated in the interests of reducing its energy consumption. Because aluminum conducts heat, it must be used in conjunction with another material, such as wood, to ensure good thermal insulation. Effectively, hybrid windows are constructed from wood covered with aluminum or PVC, thus retaining the insulating properties of wood while offering the ease of maintenance of the other materials.


PVC doesn’t decompose easily, but it can be recycled several times and requires no paint or varnish in order to preserve its properties. Affordable and maintenance-free, PVC is largely unaffected by temperature fluctuations and is resistant to water, in addition to offering excellent acoustic insulation properties. That’s why it’s a frequent choice for doors and windows in Quebec.

Tendances portes et fenêtres 2022

Tendances portes et fenêtres 2022

Doors and windows with optimum energy efficiency for 2022


Besides using eco-responsible materials in the manufacturing process, doors and windows should also provide good insulating properties to prevent heat transfer. That’s why, in 2022, more and more people are choosing products that offer optimum insulation, enabling them to lower their general energy consumption, saving them money on their heating and air-conditioning bills as a result. We’d also like to mention in passing that having doors and windows installed by a professional helps optimize the energy-efficient characteristics of the products, while also ensuring their longevity.


If you decide to replace your doors and windows in 2022, choose Energy-Star-certified products, which offer the best energy efficiency on the market. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun proposes an ever-increasing number of these products to suit every taste and fit any budget. Double- and triple-glazed doors and windows with argon gas between the panes and the addition of a low-e film provide the best energy efficiency, keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Verdun Collection: locally manufactured custom windows


We manufacture each model in the Verdun Collection locally, in accordance with the strictest standards of quality.


Most of the windows from Portes et Fenêtres Verdun are Energy-Star-certified; Natural Resources Canada has tested all of the glazing components to ensure that they meet only the highest energy-efficiency standards.


Portes et Fenêtres Verdun controls every phase of the production of its products—from the manufacturing process and the high-tech CNC production line to the final installation—in order to offer incomparable-quality windows. As a result, we can propose locally sourced, custom-made, eco-responsible products that fit in perfectly with the trends in doors and windows for 2022.

Tendances portes et fenêtres 2022

Tendances portes et fenêtres 2022

Portes et Fenêtres Verdun: Quebec-based window manufacturer


These days, it’s more important than ever to buy locally. Given the current health crisis, when it comes to improving their lifestyle, Quebec residents are increasingly purchasing merchandise from local companies. Portes et Fenêtres Verdun is proud to be a local door and window manufacturer whose products are created and assembled right here in Quebec.


We’re very happy to offer you locally designed and created custom products. To get an estimate or to learn more about the door and window trends for 2022, don’t hesitate to contact the sales team at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun.