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Commonly called crank windows, casement windows, which have become very popular in recent years, pivot on a vertical axis. These windows open outward and have a screen installed inside the frame. They can reach a maximum height of around 72 inches.

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Their mechanism is simple: they are opened and closed with a crank, while a latch activates the lock, and multiple anchorage points ensure optimal weathertightness. The larger the surface of the window, the sturdier the crank mechanism will be in order to keep the window open during strong winds and prevent premature wear and tear. Casement windows are energy efficient and durable.

Casement windows: an advantageous design

By virtue of its design, a casement window is highly resistant to leaks and drafts, ensuring perfect weathertightness when closed. The weather-stripping is flatter, providing optimal protection during windy weather. When a casement window is open, it offers maximum air intake and increased ventilation, as the pane completely detaches from the frame. This position also makes it easy to clean, as maintenance can be performed from inside the house.

Casement windows have a lot going for them. Modern and versatile, they can take the form of a sash window to accommodate several styles of homes or can be combined with a fixed window for a contemporary look. They can be decked out with tiles, frosted or painted a range of different colors. Available in PVC, wood, aluminum covered wood and a hybrid version (aluminum and PVC), they can also be incorporated in the restoration of an older building to provide increased energy efficiency and easy maintenance and use, while offering a highly customizable esthetic aspect.

Casement window advantages

  • Energy efficient and durable
  • Along with awning windows, they’re the most weathertight (compressed weather-stripping)
  • They offer increased ventilation (air is channeled toward the inside)
  • They’re easy to maintain from inside the house
  • They don’t produce friction

Would you like to replace your current windows with casement windows? The number of models available in the market can seem overwhelming. Considering that every project is unique, at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun, we’re proud to do business with multiple suppliers in order to offer you a vast selection of casement windows. Contact us for a free estimate.