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Among the various models of crank windows available in the market, the awning window is the most popular, come rain or come shine. It pivots on a horizontal axis and opens outward in order to create a current of air through the bottom part. With this design, you can keep the window partially open to circulate air through the house even when it’s raining. The pane opens and closes with a crank and locks with a latch. Multiple anchorage points ensure that the window closes securely and hermetically, providing optimum weathertightness by preventing any air or water from entering.

The advantages of awning windows

  • Energy efficient and durable
  • Along with casement windows, they’re the most weathertight
  • They can be left open when it’s raining

Versatile and customizable, awning windows permit air to enter indirectly, which is ideal for bathrooms, basements, etc. Unlike casement windows, which can have a maximum width of around 32 inches, awning windows can be as wide as 48 inches, which is ideal for a contemporary style when combined with very large fixed windows.

A window with multiple assets

Like a casement window, an awning window is fully customizable. It can be fitted with tiles, frosted glass or colored glass. The frame can be made from different materials, like PVC, wood or aluminum, and can be painted different exterior and interior colors. It can also be used as a transom window above a door and is often combined with casement windows. Because the crank of an awning window is easy to access, it isn’t uncommon to see this type of window in front of a kitchen sink.To learn more about our awning windows, casement windows, sash windows and sliding windows, or for advice regarding their installation and specific characteristics, get in touch with one of our consultants at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun using our online contact form or visit us at one of our locations.