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Different types of doors

Portes et Fenêtres Verdun offers a wide range of doors of every kind. Whether you need a front door, a patio door or a garage door, we’re sure to have just the right product to satisfy your needs.

Front doors

As a veritable opening to your residence, your front door ensures your security and privacy. It can be single or double, depending on the size of the opening, and it can be complemented by a fanlight or sidelight. The opacity of the glass in the door’s windows will determine how much natural light the door lets in and how much privacy it provides, while a small glazed surface will ensure a maximum level of security. Every esthetic detail can be modified, whether the choice of molding, the color of the door, the style of hardware or even the type of panes, not to mention the mail slot and door knocker.

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Patio doors and garden doors

Patio doors

A patio door is synonymous with a panoramic view of the outside world. Whether you want a door that’s country style or modern, small or oversized, we can customize your patio door. A patio door generally slides and is made almost entirely of glass in order to let in as much natural light as possible. Well-insulated and durable, it can be adapted to any environment and is available in a wide range of sizes. Current trends favor large patio doors, especially of the lift-and-slide type, as these greatly increase the amount of light that enters the room.

The glass used in patio doors is tempered, so it’s resistant to impacts. In general, patio doors consist of single thermopane glass doors. They’re available with two, three or even four panels. The frame material ranges from PVC and aluminum to PVC-aluminum hybrids and wood-aluminum hybrids, depending on your budget and needs.

Garden doors

A garden door swings open, allowing a maximum amount of airflow. You can even choose the very practical option of having both doors open all the way. These doors are valued for their esthetic appeal—a perfect marriage of wood and glass. Another valuable asset is their security, which is ensured through numerous anchor points.


Garage doors

A garage door can be single, double or triple and can be fully glazed or have no windows at all. It’s more common to have some windows, as they let in natural light and lend a more modern look to the façade of your home. Garage doors can be textured or embossed for a more classic appearance, and the dimensions can vary in accordance with your home’s architecture. They’re also offered in a large selection of colors. Depending on your needs, garage doors can be made of aluminum or steel. Special hardware allows them to open quietly and, of course, they can also be automated for greater convenience. Regardless of their style or the material they’re made from, garage doors can be fitted with flexible weather-stripping at the bottom, which will provide optimal insulation, even if the floor of your garage isn’t perfectly level.

Fire doors

Your front door, the door that leads from your garage to your home, or any other door can be replaced with a fire door. Made from steel, these doors will stop the spread of flames for approximately 20 minutes during a fire, providing extra protection for you and the members of your family.

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