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Glazed doors: style and natural light


Whether for a front door, a patio door or even a garage door, a glazed door will enable you to let more natural light into the room. A full-height glass panel in an oversized patio door will bring the outdoors in so you can enjoy nature while standing in your kitchen or lounging around in your living room. Meanwhile, a glazed front door can flood a small space like an entryway with sunlight. A garage door with windows creates a sense of space while letting in natural light, which is especially helpful if you work in your garage. The addition of a fanlight above the door will also increase the degree of luminosity in the room without sacrificing privacy.

Porte vitrée

Porte vitrée

Frosted glass in a glazed door for enhanced privacy and security


In order to maintain a certain level of privacy while still enjoying plenty of natural light, you can opt for a glazed door with glass that’s partially or completely frosted. You can choose a simple option like sandblasted glass or something fancier, such as frosting with a design (for example, Grain, Screen, Corduroy, Morocco or Niagara). Styles range from classic (with the addition of clear beveled glass) to contemporary (sandblasted glass with polished grooves).


The thermopane glass used in the glazed doors at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun has become more and more sophisticated. It’s solid and provides increasingly better insulation, thus improving the energy-efficient performance of our products. The doors from the Verdun Collection offer a variety of configurations, colors and options in frosted glass, and we manufacture all of them locally at our plant in Saint-Bruno. For further information, contact Portes et Fenêtres Verdun today!