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Front doors: welcoming visitors in style



A front door is much more than just the main entrance to your home. Its color, style and dimensions are an integral part of the design of your façade, often playing the role of an accent piece or a contrasting feature. The possibilities are numerous, just like the choices in doors at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun.

Front door configuration

All of the elements of a façade should harmonize, in addition to reflecting the needs of the home’s occupants. The configuration of the front door is no exception: a simple, all-purpose door is functional and practical, while a double door can accentuate the chic, luxurious aspect of a particularly large home. A fanlight above the door not only maximizes natural light in the entryway but can also help fill the empty space between the door and the ceiling in a home with high ceilings.

Porte d'entrée

Porte d'entrée

The color of a front door


While often overlooked, the choice of front doors is essential, as a door can completely change the appearance of a home’s façade. An iron ore color, which is somewhere between charcoal and anthracite grey, is currently a popular choice for doors featuring a contemporary look. Dark turquoise, bright red and blue-grey are also very fashionable choices these days. Whether the style of the home is classic or contemporary, Victorian or rustic, a contrasting front door color can offer visitors a charming surprise, for example, a red door on a contemporary beige and grey home or a modern matte-black door on a home with a more classic façade.

The role of a front door in ensuring privacy and security


It’s possible to personalize your front door to offer various degrees of privacy and security without sacrificing style. It all depends on the options you choose. A large textured-glass window will let in plenty of natural light without compromising your privacy. However, if you’re more concerned about security, you can opt for a solid door, which can feature several different colors and textures for added interest.


The multi-brand approach at Portes et Fenêtres Verdun enables you to choose your front door from among a vast selection of brands, styles and colors. Contact us today for an estimate.

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