Renaissance patio door

This four-panel aluminum model provides exceptional comfort and unrivaled energy efficiency. The Luma patio door features aluminum panels with a high-performance polyamide thermal break, thermopane glass on the outside and regular glass on the inside. The door offers incomparable acoustic impedance, while the sturdy aluminum frame provides enhanced sturdiness and durability. The screen door is on the inside, so it doesn’t affect the outward appearance of the building.

Features and benefits of the Renaissance door:

  • Two-panel design featuring exterior panels that offer excellent protection against water leaks and interior panels that effectively prevent drafts
  • Thermopane glass fitted with a non-conductive spacer that improves the insulating properties and R value of the glass, while considerably reducing the risk of condensation
  • Significant energy savings, thanks to superior energy efficiency
  • Rigidity and durability
  • Incomparable acoustic impedance with excellent sound absorption
  • Highest level of protection against break-ins in North America
  • Internal screen featuring a sturdy extruded aluminum frame
  • Sealed self-lubricating rollers with exclusive tandem ball bearings (tested to withstand 60,000 cycles) offering quiet, easy operation
  • D-shaped handle on the inside with an ergonomic design to facilitate use
  • Indirect ventilation with the door locked
  • Easy cleaning and care

Options for this patio door

  • Custom colors and dimensions, tinted glass, window grilles, sash lock and more






2/3/4 panels, standard formats


White 136, White 141


Note: Products shown may be discontinued without notice.

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