NHP exterior door

NHP doors—a new generation of steel doors

Inspired by the style of European doors, but made to withstand the harsh Quebec winters, the new Novatech High Performance (NHP) door system responds to the growing demand for products favoring eco-responsible energy consumption. Thanks to their reinvented construction, rugged design and ease of operation, NHP doors represent the perfect solution for new homes and home renovation projects, alike.
NHP door

Features and benefits of the NHP door:

With twice the structural integrity, High Performance doors are thicker and more resilient than any of the standard doors currently on the market. With their 2¼-inch thickness and 30-percent steel construction, they’re more secure and more resistant to break-ins and damage than traditional doors are.

To maximize your comfort and maintain the desired ambient temperature, it’s important to control drafts inside your home. That’s why we’ve designed an airtight gasket that runs all along the perimeter of the door. This weathertight seal, inspired by the automotive industry, not only reduces drafts but also improves the sound dampening properties of the door.

In addition to the airtight gasket around the perimeter, the High Performance system includes a second gasket that’s waterproof. The combination provides a supplemental shield proven to resist up to 540 Pa of pressure in water infiltration tests.

The High Performance door contains an extra half-inch of foam insulation and is perfectly adapted for the installation of triple-pane glass, manufactured with two layers of low-e film. As a result, the NHP door offers energy efficiency that’s clearly superior to that of a standard door.

The elegant PVC door sweep covered in anodized aluminum is exceptionally robust. Similarly, the edges of the door feature a rigid PVC coating that provides structural protection against severe weather, thus increasing the durability of the High Performance door, significantly prolonging its service life.

Options for this exterior door

  • Triple glazing
  • Choice of six NHP door models: Soho, Victoria, Uno, Orleans, Vog and London




Classical, Contemporary



Standards and custom, Standards et sur mesure


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